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Hello! My name is Lou Ann Kent, and I am the creator of the Business Creation Academy, a community made for new and aspiring coach-preneurs. This program has a direct focus on helping women bring their business idea to life, while also serving as an environment where you can get the help and support needed on your entrepreneurial journey. 

I was inspired to create this community because I am passionate about helping women of God take control of their happiness and financial destiny.

Your happiness matters to me. I want you to experience the life God has in store for you. My goal is for you to break free from the fear and doubt that’s been holding you back for way too long. You’re not alone on this journey because I know exactly how you feel. I waited and waited before I finally took that leap of faith and went after what I desired and the things that God had placed in my heart. I sat back for way too long watching others achieve their dreams and goals and living their purpose.

Then, I got serious about my dreams and goals and decided to finally start my own life coaching business. But I quickly realized it wasn’t as easy as others had made it seem. I got suckered into every business program that came my way.


Business Creation Coach

Lou Ann Kent

Admittedly, I was chasing after other people’s business strategies because nothing was working for me. It wasn’t until I stepped back and began to listen to God’s guidance that He began to bring light to my dark situation.

I learned from God that you have your own success blueprint  that's centered around your purpose, passion and personality. That’s right!! Your Success is tied to YOUR purpose,YOUR passion and personality.

People are trying to sell you their success steps but you are uniquely and wonderfully made, therefore my friend, there is a tailored-made success blueprint that’s just for you.

And I want to help you find it, starting with you becoming aware of  “Your Unique Purpose, Passion, Personality and Power" God designed you with.

I am extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to help you find and package your purpose driven coaching business into a purposeful and profitable business.

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