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How to Create Passive Income from What You Know & Have

So many people think they have a financial lack problem when in actuality they have a creation problem. They aren't creating financial opportunities to increase their finances. They are busy simply living life and not creating life for themselves. I don't want that to be the case for you. So I want to share with you the steps to take to start creating the financial opportunity you should have in your life. I know the impact it caused on my life when I learned how to create passive income from what they knew and loved. You too can do the same.

I'm going to give it to you straight.

You simply have to package what you know into a PRODUCT you can MAKE ONE TIME and sell over and over again. If the product is digital, that's even better because you can sell it and electronically delivery it all while you sleep.

Now what's better than that!! Absolutely nothing! So the Big question is, what can you create and package as a sellable product.

Here are a list of products you could package your knowledge into creating.

ebook, training video, audio program, workbook, book, membership class, course, physical products (anything you physically make or create that can be shipped)

This is where you will find passive income that comes in passively without you having to recreate it nor does it require your presents. You simply make it and set it up to be manually shipped and delivered with money being automatically deposited into your bank account.

So what do you need to do.

1. Brainstorm a product you can create that requires the less amount of time and money. (you want to quickly create something that meets a need and is effective in solving the need but doesn't require a lot of time nor money because it will slow the passive income process down and take away from the effectiveness of it being passive income)

2. Research, research (make sure there is a need for your product. google, ask & survey people, check out comments on platforms that address the need and problem you are creating your product for. See what people are asking and saying. This will show you what people are looking for or need)

3. Find a platform that's most effective and efficient in delivering the product. (here are a few digital delivery sites you can checkout as well

4. Outline your product idea (determine how you want the layout and format of it to be.)

5. Create and upload your product

6. Market, market, market your product

That's how you create passive income from what you know!!

If you have downloaded the FREE course, Find Your Unique Money-Making Idea, click the picture below to get it Now!!

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