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How to Pick the Right Side Hustle

Earning extra money is something that could change your life. It could bring you freedom in more ways than one. It could serve as a tool to help you get out of debt, provide for your family and support you in blessing others in a way you’ve never been able to.

But being able to earn extra money isn’t always an easy thing. There are many opportunities that present themselves as a way to make more money. But the question is...will it work for you.

And I say yes….IF it’s what you enjoy doing. If you aren’t that into it, you probably won’t succeed at doing it.

Many times people chase the money without stopping to look within to find the right avenue to travel as a way to earn income.

I’ve tried many different things just because I saw others succeeding at doing it. I tried several MLM’s and joint ventures that weren’t right for me because I really didn’t enjoy what I was selling.

It wasn’t until I decided to go for what I enjoyed doing and wanted to do as a way to earn extra income. Once I made that decision, things started to happen for me. I was getting the clients I desired and the success I wanted.

So my advice to you, seek within to find the perfect money-making idea that works best for you.

Here are 3 questions to help you identify the right avenue you should pursue.

  1. What problem would you love to solve?

  2. Whose problem would you like to solve and why?

  3. How would you like to solve their problem?

If you want help with advice, resources, and support, send me your question and I’ll help you get started. (

Toward Your Success in Life & Business,

Lou Ann Kent

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