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Step Into Your Business Building Confidence

Step into Your Business Building Confidence

Confidence doesn’t just come. You have to put in effort to become confident. Whether it’s the internal work, or the actual outer work of walking that thing out.

No matter what, you must take some STEPS to become confident.

So, why not do it while building your business?

Many coaches want confidence but aren’t doing anything to become confident. They keep asking the same question over and over again. How do I get the confidence to start my business? Well, sis, it starts with putting a foot forward and actually doing your business.

You see, when you do something you are scared or afraid to do, you build that muscle of confidence.

Yup, confidence is like a muscle. You have to work it for it to become strong and seen.

So, take a leap and do something you might just be afraid of. Once you do, you will see it was more in your head than anything. You will feel a sense of confidence from taking the leap of faith.

It doesn’t matter if it didn’t turn out the way you thought. The point is to “DO”. It is in your doing that your confidence will be built.

If you are still hesitant or a bit leery about taking a leap of faith, then start small.

As a new business owner, it can be intimidating to step out of your comfort zone. I know I was so scared to post online or let alone post a picture of myself or a video. So, I became the quote queen. Lol!

Then, I finally decided to put a small picture of myself in the corner of my quotes because I soon realized people weren't going to buy from me if they weren’t aware of who I was. So that small step gave people a sense of me and somewhat of a connection to who I was.

So my friend, start small.

So, here are few suggestions to help you step into your business while building your confidence.

  1. Start genuinely commenting under other people’s posts. This will build your confidence up in interacting with others and building your authentic true self. It’s in the authenticity that your confidence in yourself is built.

  1. Record motivational teachings and post clips of it. This allows people to hear and connect with your voice while giving great content. For we know it’s the content and connection that attracts clients.

  1. Record a video of you sharing written tips on a whiteboard or notebook. Again, this allows you to give great content without actually having to be on camera. This allows you to get comfortable speaking while building your business with confidence.

These top 3 steps will quickly increase your confidence. Before you know it, you will be doing videos and going live.

Happy Building Your Confidence!

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Lou Ann Kent

Business Creation Coach

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